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      "Why, no, dear, I fancy he's happiest that way."Let us find a cool place, he said. You are engaged for this next dance, are you not?

      "No use," chanted Madame with enjoyment; "the other one is not coming."Esmeralda was about to hold out her hand, but remembered[75] Lady Wyndovers instructions, and bowed. Lord Selvaines quick eyes saw the checked movement and noted it.

      "Anna!" the dreamer flashed a joy that seemed almost fierce. She fondly pressed the hands she held and drew their owner toward the ill-used rose. "Dearest, behold me! a thief, yet innocent!"

      I suppose London is very hot?Hot threats recurring, Gascony had turned to go, Maxime had headed him off, Italy's hand had started into his flannel shirt, and "bing! bang! pop!" rang Gibbs's repeater and one of Maxime's little derringers--shot off from inside his sack-coat pocket. A whirlwind of epithets filled the place. Out into the stinking dark leaped Naples and Gascony, and after them darted their whooping assailants. The shutters of both barrooms clapped to, over the way a pair of bull-drivers rushed to their mustangs, there was a patter of hoofs there and of boots here and all inner lights vanished. A watchman's rattle buzzed remotely. Then silence reigned.

      "No," said the serene girl, "they, too, go afoot. Often they must help the horses drag the guns through the mire. Only on parade they ride, or when rushing to and fro in battle, whips cracking, horses plunging, the hills smoking and shaking!" The rare creature sparkled frankly, seeing the battery whirling into action with its standard on the wind--this very flag she expected presently to bestow.

      Trafford described the hunting of the fox as pursued in England, and Esmeralda listened with deep interest.





      Trafford nodded. Have some more whisky, he said.