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      Their hosts told them of the great river Mississippi, rising far in the north and flowing southward,they knew not whither,and of many tribes that dwelt along its banks. When at length they took their departure, they left behind them a reputation as medicine-men of transcendent power.Friends and fellow citizens, he said in a jesting tone; we know each other, so I shall not ask you to keep quiet. On the contrary, I will beg you to chatter303 and yell to your hearts content, in order to have it over the sooner.

      Attempts were made to fix the exact amount of profit which merchants from France should be[293] Relation de Minet; Lettre de Minet Seignelay, 6 July, 1685 (Margry, ii. 591, 602).

      1615.With these words he pulled the curtain farther aside185 and beyond it appeared, like a living wall, the dark figures of the toxoternae or bowmen, whose helmets, spears, and shields flashed in the torchlight.

      Luckless men! Why do you seek death? Why217 resist a superior force? Yield the ship, then you can get into your boats and row wherever you choose.No one pitied him. Who knew much about a poor comedian? In whatever character he appeared the spectators saw only a close linen mask, which covered the whole head, and a costume that suited the mask. An Agonists might appear in three or four parts, year after year on the great holidays, might grow old on the stage, but win admiration and affectionimpossible! It was the lifelike disguise, the mask and robe which the populace applauded. Who was concealed beneath no one knew and no one cared to know.

      [6] Relation, 1660 (anonymous), 14.Ninus then drew out an article wrapped in a cloth. This is one of his sandals, she whispered. Scattering sulphur on the charcoal she held the sandal in the smoke, then flung salt into the flame, saying in a slow, solemn tone:


      address au Rgent, 1715; Mmoire sur les Affaires de Canada


      At a sign from Carion, two young slaves entered and laid at their masters feet large and small whips, iron collars, fetters, stocks, branding irons, neck-wheels, and the so-called tree, which served as a pillory and at the same time inflicted the torture of sitting in a doubled up position. Bringing in all these articles consumed time enough to enable Simonides to regain his composure.My advice is this: Sell them all to the mines in Lauriumthey will be cured of laziness thereand buy new ones, even if you have to pay more for them.


      It was an arduous problem which Loyola undertook to solve,to rob a man of volition, yet to preserve in him, nay, to stimulate, those energies which would make him the most efficient instrument of a great design. To this end the Jesuit novitiate and the constitutions of the Order are directed. The enthusiasm of the novice is urged to its intensest pitch; then, in the name of religion, he is summoned to the utter abnegation of intellect and will in favor of the Superior, in whom he is 10 commanded to recognize the representative of God on earth. Thus the young zealot makes no slavish sacrifice of intellect and will; at least, so he is taught: for he sacrifices them, not to man, but to his Maker. No limit is set to his submission: if the Superior pronounces black to be white, he is bound in conscience to acquiesce. [1]