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      "Good morrow, holy father."

      But he kept his hand at his side. Touching the tree, at that moment, was wrong. There were the old rules, the true rules, and to think of them made him feel better.

      Rose leaned back against a trunk, a froth of fine linen round her knees. She splashed and kicked her feet in the stream.MRS. G.: It's going to work. It's got to.

      "He has not been seen to-day," said a sleek-faced old man who sat opposite.

      He clung to Mrs. Button for most of the morning and afternoon, for he felt that she drove away suspicion, and at the same time had not the disadvantage of Emily Ditch, who had once or twice alarmed him by affectionately squeezing his hand. He did not take her to the fighting booth, as public opinion had shut that to ladies during the years that had passed since Reuben had sat with Naomi in the heat and sawdustbut she stood behind him in the shooting gallery, whilst he impartially scored bulls in the mouths of Disraeli, Gladstone, and the Emperor of France.


      "Noand mark you, nor am I. It 'ud have been worse for me if I'd stayed. I'm miserable in a different way from what I was theresomehow the life's easier. I'm not happy, but I'm jolly. I'm not good, but I'm pleasant-like. It's all a change for the better. See?""Can it be?" said Holgrave, as he looked before him at the castle, which the tapers revealed"Can it be, that the lord of this castle and I are the sons of the same heavenly Father? Can the same God have created us?and is his child to live and grow to manhood, that he may trample on his fellow men, as his father has trampled on me? Is this to go on from generation to generation, and the sons to become even worse than the fathers?No!" said he, pausing; "I have no childMargaret must forgive meI have only a worthless life to forfeit." He paused again. "I will attempt it!" he said, vehemently"he can but hang me; and if I succeed, the noble blood they think so much of may yet" Holgrave suffered the sentence to remain unfinished, and he rushed towards the castle.


      "We are not plants or trees," Cadnan said.Chapter 7


      "Mercy! he had little mercy for her," muttered Holgrave, bitterly, as he tightened his grasp."Insolent priest!" returned Skipwith, in a suppressed tone, as his look wandered from the abbot to the distorted features of the departing. "I come, not as an individual to harass, but as a judge to fulfil the law."