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      "Yes, yes; it is true.""Yes, there is something horribly wrongsomething that means destruction. What were you doing in London the winter before last, while I was away? What was the motive of your secret departureyour stealthy return? What were you doing on the last day of the year? Where had you been? With whom?"

      How old do you think it is? he asked.

      And Esmeralda, he repeated softly, and under his breath, as if it were a chord of music."Umph! that's the way he spends his time, is it? loafing about the country when he should be in his office! Well, I've got something to do, besides wait for him. Just tell him, will you? that I owe him a good, sound horse-whipping, and I'll pay it to him the first time I meet him."

      "I don't knowI believe so."


      Next morning was fine, a morning so bright and balmy that the month might have been mistaken for September. Isola ran down to the garden in her neat little morning frock and linen collar, and ran about among the shrubs and autumn flowers in a much gayer mood than that of yesterday. She loved her gardensmall and modest as it was in comparison with the grounds and gardens of her county neighboursand on a morning like this it was rapture to her to run from flower to flower, and from shrub to shrub, with her great garden scissors in her hand, and her garden basket hanging over her arm, clipping a withered leaf or a fading flower every here and there, or plucking up those little groundsel plants which seem the perpetual expression of the earth's fertility."He is dead," answered Bergan gravely.



      Norman essayed to obey, but could not do so.