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      And without waiting for a reply, Doctor Remy courteously lifted his hat, and went his way, with a curious smile on his lips."I don't know," she faltered, turning over the loose music with a faintly tremulous gesture, while Isola sat by the piano, touching the notes dumbly now and then.

      Bergan was looking straight before him, so much absorbed in his own thoughts that he did not see the friends until he was close at hand. He immediately dismounted, flung his bridle to the groom, and came toward them with extended hand.

      "Ah!" said the Major, slowly, and as if but half awake. He took his niece's hands, and gazed earnestly in her face. "You are like your mother, child, or like what she was at your age, much more than you are like the child that used to play around my knees,let me see,sixeightnine years ago. I missed her, Carice, when she stopped coming, I missed her."

      "Did Doctor Remy say that he would call again?"

      "Not such a girl as Allegra. She is always well dressed, and her wardrobe is the perfection of neatnessbut she is not the kind of girl to make a fuss about her clothes. I don't think the trousseau will create any difficulty."

      BecausebecauseIve had an idea that youyou tried to avoid me. I thought I might have said something aboutabout yourself that made you angry. You know, people talk most awful rot when theyre off their heads, as I was.


      "P.S. I cannot understand how my foolish engagement to Astra Lyte should have leaked out. With all due respect for your opinion, I cannot think of fulfilling it; indeed, I wrote to break it off immediately after coming home. I should never have entered into it, but for a mistaken notion that it would advance my interests in a certain quarter. Finding that it was likely to do just the opposite, there was nothing for it but to take the shortest cut out of the scrape. Never fear for Astra, she does not belong to the Ophelia order of women, she has pride and pluck enough to carry her through a worse disappointment; besides, hearts are never broken except in novels and plays. I am much obliged to her for leaving Berganton, the affair will blow over the sooner. In order to give it time to do so, I think I shall postpone my return until after Christmas. "Yours, B.A.""So much the better for your work," replied Doctor Remy, composedly. "Deathbed wills are often contested. No one will question your soundness of mind, at present."


      "Perhaps that is because my heart is heavyheavy, not with grief and care, but with the burden of perplexity and surprise, with the fear that comes of a great joy."


      "But he doesn't see her professionally. He comes in hurriedly late in the eveningor between the lightsto fetch his wife. He is tired, and we all talk to him, and Isa is bright and lively. He is not likely to notice the change in her in that casual way."What have you got there, William? asked that gentleman in the soft and low and musical voice which was one of his most dangerous fascinations.