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      ROYALTY AT DINNER.I reckon I spoiled his aim, she said, lightly. But none of those Dogs Ear men can shoot worth speaking of; he mightnt have hit you, after all.

      "I am Mrs. Disney."

      "Did Mrs. Disney send you?" he asked the driver.

      Allegra had liked her life at the great art school, but she had never regretted its abandonment. She loved her brother, and her brother's wife, better even than she loved art. It was only now and then that she felt that existence at Trelasco was as monotonous as the flow of the river going up and coming down day by day between Lostwithiel and the sea.

      "Indeed, no, dear. Your letters had only one fault. They were never half long enough; but I knew how busy you were, and I thought it was so good of you never to miss a mail."

      Whats wonderful? she asked.She looked at him breathless with horror; whether at the accusation implied in his words, or at his withering manner, it would have been difficult for the looker-on to decide. His manner was terrible enough to have scared any woman, as he stood before her, waiting for her answer.


      "Not going! Oh, but it is a duty which you owe to the county! Do you think because you are an alien and a foreigner you can flout our local gaietiesfleer at our solemnities? No, it is incumbent upon you to give us your support."