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      Martin Disney applied himself to the newspapers which he had accumulated on the waysome at Par, some at Plymouth, some at Exeter, till the compartment was littered all over with them. He turned and tossed them about one after the other. Never had they seemed so emptythe leaders such mere beating the air; the hard facts so few and insignificant. He glanced at Isola as she sat in her corner, motionless and composed. He watched the slender, white hands turning the leaves of her book at regular intervals.

      The more fool you, monsieur! In these times of trouble every one ought to give his personal service one way or the other. What do you want now?


      Three Star Camp was not exactly the place in which a tender parent or a careful guardian would have chosen to bring up a child, though it was no better and no worse than any other Australian gold camp. The men were rough and rowdy, but there were very few really bad ones among them, and there were a great many whose roughness hid very excellent[13] qualities. In no place on earth do you meet with such a variety of the human species as in a camp such as Three Star.She spoke in short sentences, each phrase broken by a sob. She felt as if he were tearing out her heart, this man who had been heretofore so kindly and indulgent in his speech and manner that he seemed to make religion an easy thing, a garment as loose and expansive as philosophy itself. And, now, all at once he appeared before her as a judge, searching out her heart, cruel, inflexible, weighing her in the balance, and finding her wanting.

      The speaker was a short and very thin man, with features almost as clean and delicately cut as a womans. He was small altogether, with tiny feet and hands. His hair was gray, though he did not look an old man; and his sharp, close-shaven face, with its penetrating eyes and thin lips, gave him an alert and bird-like expression.


      Im glad youve come back, Varley, she said, putting her arms over his shoulders, and leaning over him. I wish you wouldnt go away so much.



      She leant back in a corner of the little carriage, wrapped in the soft, warm rug, wondering at her strange adventure.[Pg 18] She had penetrated that mysterious house on Black-fir Hill, and she had made the acquaintance of Lord Lostwithiel. How much she would have to tell Martin in her next letter! She wrote to him every weeka long, loving letter, closely written on thin paper, pouring out all her fancies and feelings to the husband she loved with all her heart.