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      My mind is a confused jumble of onyx and gilding and mosaic floors

      not Mrs. Lippett, thank goodness. I have an evening dress, pink mull

      this atmosphere of academic calm I find more bracing than New York.of the one Master Jervis caught when he was a little boy.


      The streets were hung with gaudy flags and[Pg 135] coloured paper. Altars had been erected, four poles supporting an awning with flounces of bright-coloured silk, and under them a quantity of idols, of vases filled with amaryllis and roses, and even dainty little Dresden figuresexquisite curtseying Marquises, quite out of their element among writhing Vishnus and Kalis.

      that the poor sick cow got nothing but linseed oil.


      We have the jolliest times at the table--everybody laughs and jokes[128]


      the third tomorrow morning at half-past seven. It's the sweetest