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      CHILLONAt every street-corner there were blocks of salt,[Pg 298] which the cows and goats licked as they went past.

      There were other abodes of the king, the Berlin and Potsdam palaces, which retained much of the splendor with which they had been embellished by the splendor-loving monarch, Frederick I. There were but few regal mansions in the world which then surpassed them. And though the king furnished his own apartments with Spartan simplicity and rudeness, there were other portions of these royal residences, as also their surroundings in general, which were magnificent in the highest degree. The health of little Fritz was rather frail, and at times he found it hard to devote himself to his sturdy tasks with the energy which his father required.

      Can I grant it without consulting you?Well, you must be very glad, for Mme. Le Brun has just arrived.

      But Louis refused, and when the ruffians surrounded the chateau, forbade them to be fired on, [216] which order, when they heard, they began to massacre the gardes-du-corps, who were not allowed to defend themselves!


      As Saint-Aubin had long been sold, her brother now called himself M. Ducrest.